How to check the slow internet connection


If you give internet connection in your home and if you suffer any problem from the internet connection then you will be complained about the speed of the internet in the system you will be changing the cable of the internet but you still suffer from the disconnecting of the internet. In that case you have to do the internet connection test which you given to the system but you do not what type of services is given to the system and you want to know how to test the speed of the internet in the system and more related to the computer so you will be searching for the sites which are available to check the internet connection speed. There are some websites which are available for the testing of the high speed connection and some software’s are available for the testing in the websites which can be help to test the speed of the system and also it shows the additional information of the hard disk such as the what programs are currently using in the hard disk of the system. While testing, you will get the result and accuracy of the result will be depends on the spot where it is tested on the sites and the result you got is approximately correct. Once you got the computer then you have to check the speed of the internet connection and compare the speed to your old speed then after you got satisfy then you must handle the system properly.

Steps to check the internet connection

To check the internet connection you have to first check the network cabling which is connected inthe4 proper way and make sure that the length of the cable is enough for the connection and then check the Wi-Fi access point or cable have their enough power cords and check the Wi-Fi connection and make sure that the pc is trying to connect with correct access point or not. If you change the access point user authentication then you have to be changing it in a devices and check with the internet connection and if it is not connected then you have to unplug the cable and after few minutes passed then plug the cable and connect the internet connection. You must check the speed of the internet connection test you have to use some testing software which helps to know the speed of the computer any problem occurred in the system it will be help to solve by any suggestions. It might be packet loss in the network so check your system net connection and check in the LAN connection whether any error is occurred in the net connection. If the internet connection is slow after analyzing all the connection then check the ISP in your system and find out the solution for the error occurred in the net connection and solve the problem in the internet connection by the testing tool and slow the error and increase your internet connection speed.

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